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Orchestrating SECURITY 

Symphia, from Cognyte Situational Intelligence Solutions (SIS), is an integrated, intelligence-driven portfolio of security solutions that work in concert to deliver actionable insights for deeper situational awareness, greater command and control, as well as more effective incident management, response and investigations.

Symphia, is an open, scalable and adaptable approach to video-centric security unlike any other.

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See What’s

Combine input from various video, security systems, sensors and alarms for a comprehensive view across your entire

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Make Better

Connect the dots to understand what’s happening to make better, faster decisions with enhanced situational awareness.

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Unite security staff, responders and the public for pinpoint incident management and more effective investigations.

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With Symphia VMS, you can see what’s happening, everywhere.

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Symphia Control enables physical security orchestration for quick and confident decision making.

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Symphia One enables a more concerted security approach for much better outcomes.

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Symphia FaceDetect helps you pick the right person out in a crowd.

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Symphia NowForce helps you take decisive action when every second counts.

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Symphia Connect literally connects the dots for much better performance.

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Symphia insight leverages the power of data visualization to streamline operations.

Let’s Take Security To A Whole New Level